Does the price really include up to 10 companies / names?
Do you forward items that have been delivered by Australia Post for free?
Where and when can I collect my items?

Where: 2 Price St, Oakleigh South Vic 3167

When: Mon - Thu 9am - 4:30pm and Fri 9am - 3pm

Cost of collecting mail
FREE when you come and collect

Cost of forwarding mail
FREE FORWARD for items delivered by Australia Post (up to 50 items per year or $110 thereafter)

Scan & Email

$1.10 per page

Is this acceptable to ASIC or ATO as a company / business registered address?


Why do it?
Privacy -  if you register your home address as your place of business, it'll be known to everyone once they do a search via ASIC website. Registering our address as your place of business provides you with privacy and does not reveal your place of residence.

Professionalism - if you operate from home, should anyone check your address on Google Maps, it'll look unprofessional.

Am I paying for a PO Box address or a actual physical address?
You're paying for an actual physical address.
What if my customer comes to see me?

We will advise your customer that you're not on-site right now and recommend that you be contacted via phone or email.

What can get sent to my new address?
Anything and everything - letters, magazines, parcels, cartons, crates, pallets and even 20ft and 40ft containers! Our main business is 3PL logistics, so we're geared to handle all types of industrial goods. We have sufficient space on-site to handle 4 * 40ft containers simultaneously.

Can I rent office space?
Yes - we offer short & long term rental of offices and boardrooms
Can I rent warehouse space?
Yes, long term or short term warehouse space is available, from 15m2 plus.
Can I store pallets?
Yes, pallet storage is available for $5 weekly ex-gst.
Do you do 3PL - 3rd Party Logistics and Pick & Pack?
Yes, email your orders to us and we'll pick & pack them within minutes.
Can 20ft and 40ft containers be delivered to site to load / unload?
Yes, we can handle 4 * 40ft containers simultaneously.