Is this acceptable to ASIC as a company registered address?


Yes. Once you place an order, you'll receive an email from us with your full address details. These are recognised by ASIC as a business address.

Why do it?

Privacy -  if you register your home address as your place of business, it'll be known to everyone once they do a search via ASIC website. Registering our address as your place of business, does not reveal your place of residence.

Professionalism - should your client jump on Google Maps and type in your place of business, which do you prefer they see in Street View - your residential home or a commercial / industrial building?

Am I paying for a PO Box address or a actual physical address?

You're paying for an actual physical address.

How will my address look?

ABC Pty Ltd

Suit 8

2 Price St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167

ABC Pty Ltd

Unit 8

2 Price St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167

ABC Pty Ltd

Office 8

2 Price St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167

John Smith

8 / 2 Price St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167

What if my customer comes to see me?


We will advise your customer that you're not on-site right now and recommend that you be contacted via phone or email.

What can get sent to my new address?

Anything and everything - letters, magazines, parcels, cartons, crates, pallets and even 20ft and 40ft containers! Our main business is 3PL logistics, so we're geared to handle all types of industrial goods. We have sufficient space on-site to handle 4 * 40ft containers simultaneously.

How many different addresses are available?

You can choose any or all of the following. Each address costs $220 per year including GST and can have up to 10 companies / entities.

2 Price St, Oakleigh South Vic 3167

18 - 24 Edinburgh St, Oakleigh South Vic 3167

1 - 3 Margaret St, Oakleigh South Vic 3167

How do I collect mail / parcels?


You can either come and collect or we can forward them to you (for Australia Post items it involves crossing out our address, affixing sticker with your preferred forwarding address and dropping it into letterbox). In addition, we can scan and email letters to you.


For costs of handling larger items, like crates, pallets, etc, please contact us for pricing. 

When and where can I collect my items?

Where: 2 Price St, Oakleigh South Vic 3167

When: Mon - Thu 9am - 4:30pm and Fri 9am - 4pm.

Cost of collecting / forwarding mail?

You come and collect - free


We forward item to you which have been receievd by Australia Post:


Low volume forward (50 items per year) - free

Higher volume forward - $110 per year, unlimited

Scan & email - $1.10 per page

Can I rent office space?

Yes - we offer short & long term rental of offices, boardroom, warehouse space and yard space including cold storage (20ft or 40ft reefer refrigerated containers).

Does the price really include up to 10 companies?

Yes - nominate up to 10 companies / entities / names for one low price of $220 per year.

Are prices shown include or exclude GST?

All prices shown and quoted include GST. There will be no surprises on your bill.

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