OUR STORE POLICIES - Service Agreement

​1.    Under this agreement, SELCO (Selco Corp Pty Ltd ABN 16 005 366 012) will treat any person nominated by the CUSTOMER (account holder) as being authorised to remove any letters, parcels, cartons, etc that were delivered for the account holder.
2.    The Customer appoints SELCO as the Customer’s agent with respect to any item delivered to the Customer’s postal address at the centre, SELCO’s business addresses, being:
2 Price St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167
18 – 20 Edinburgh St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167
22 – 24 Edinburgh St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167
1 – 3 Margaret St, Oakleigh South, Vic 3167
3.    The Customer authorises SELCO as the Customer’s agent to: 
a) return any mail not collected by the customer within 3 months of receipt by SELCO or longer if agreed
b) return any mail delivered to the Customer’s postal address at the centre, if the customer has not paid the postal address service fee or if the agreement has been terminated for any reason
c) SELCO may retain any items delivered to the Customer’s postal address pending payment of monies owed. 
4.    The Customer acknowledges that its address for service is as set out in this agreement and application form.
5.    The Customer’s only entitlement with regard to the property is that of a mailing and courier address for items that fit into a standard Australia Post letter box. Larger items can be delivered for an additional fee.
6.    Delivery address usage fees are payable in full, in advance and the fee is not refundable. If payment is overdue, services may be suspended or terminated at the option of SELCO.
7.    The Customer shall not assign or transfer the right to use the service without the prior written consent of SELCO.
8.    Where a partnership holding an address is reconstituted by the retirement, death or addition of more partners, the reconstituted partnership is deemed to be the Customer.
9.    The Customer will ensure that at no time will there be excessive or unreasonable amounts of mail such that SELCO is unable to efficiently and in a timely manner receive and deliver the mail. Additional fees will apply for bulky or large goods and for goods which have not been picked up by the Customer in a timely manner.
10.    SELCO may terminate this agreement at any time without notice and without refund if: 
a. the Customer fails to observe or perform any term, covenant or obligation contained in these terms and conditions. 
b. SELCO has reason to believe that the Customer, or a person known to the Customer, intends to use, or is using the service for illegal activity. 
11.    SELCO may return to sender any mail which is unclaimed by the customer within 7 days of notification by SELCO that this agreement is terminated under the above clause.
12.    The Customer agrees to indemnify SELCO against any claims arising out of or in conjunction with the use or possession of the Postal Address, including without limitation: a. any demands, claims and causes of action for personal injury or property damage arising from such use or possession. b. failure by Australia Post or any other carrier to deliver any items on time; c. damage or loss of mail box contents by any cause whatsoever; d. violation by the Customer of applicable federal and or state laws; e. SELCO’s liability for any claims is limited to the refund of the service fee or the provision of the postal address service again for the same original rental period; f. Any notice required to be served by or under these terms and conditions shall be sufficiently given to the Customer if left in the box provided pursuant to the agreement.
13.    This agreement contains the whole agreement between the parties and any representation or warranty made by either party prior to entering this Agreement shall have no force or effect.
14.    Fair Use Policy – SELCO expects usage of its services or take up of any promotions to be reasonable. SELCO may contact you to discuss changing your usage so that it conforms to this Fair Use Policy. If, after SELCO has contacted you, your unreasonable use continues, SELCO may, without further notice to you: a. suspend or limit the Service (or any feature of it) for any period SELCO thinks is reasonably necessary; and/or b. terminate your agreement in accordance with the Fair Use Policy.
15.    Upon termination of the Mailbox Agreement, for whatever reason, ALL use of the address provided by this service MUST cease within 7 days. Ongoing use is not permitted and will incur additional charges at a rate of 10 times that of the original monthly average charge – calculated and charged daily until all unauthorised ongoing use ceases. If ongoing use is deliberate and unabated, SELCO reserves the right to commence legal action in the Melbourne Magistrates Court for, but not limited to, theft, fraud, and loss of income.